How to Fly to Colombia From the USA, Europe, UK and Australia Uncover Colombia

How to Fly to Colombia From the USA, Europe, UK and Australia

November 10, 2018, 11:48 pm

In the last few years Colombia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination and with this the number of direct flights to the country has increased. Direct flights are now available from a number of cities in Europe and direct flights to a number of Colombian cities are now available from a variety of American cities. An increasing number of airlines are realising Colombia's significance as not only a destination but a hub for the rest of South America too.


In previous years, passengers travelling from the UK to Colombia had to change planes in either the United States or a European city, but as of January 2016 this changed: Avianca (a Colombian Airline which is also a member of Star Alliance) launched a direct flight from London to Bogota, and this 11 hour flight runs daily from London's Heathrow. This route has become increasingly popular for not only people travelling to Colombia but also for passengers travelling to South America. Avianca also has the benefit of allowing you to take two 23kg bags on the plane for no extra cost, which no other airline offers from the UK.
Other ways to fly to Colombia from the UK include flying with Luthansa or Iberia who have daily flights from Frankfurt and Madrid to Bogota, which if brilliant if you don't mind a short stop in a European city.

North America

America's proximity to Colombia allows for direct short flights to the country. Currently there are direct flights to Bogota from Orlando, Miami, Washington DC, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and LA. The airlines that fly to Bogota are: Avianca, Jet Blue, Delta, Latam, Spirit, United and American Airlines. You can fly to Cartagena in Colombia directly from Miami, New York and Atlanta. You can also fly from Miami or New York to Medellin in Colombia (with Latam, American Airlines, Spirit or Avianca) and to Cali, Colombia from Miami with Avianca, America Airlines or Latam. From any of these American cities you can connect to pretty much any other city in America.

As you can see there are a large variety of flights to take from the USA to various cities in Colombia and, with America's extensive flight schedules, you can fly to pretty much any American city from a large number of these hub airports.


Many European cities offer direct flights to Bogota including: Frankfurt (Germany), Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) and Paris (France) with Avianca, Air France, Latam, Air Europa, Iberia and Lufthansa. You can also fly from Madrid to Medellin and Cali Colombia, or from Amsterdam to Cali. From these five European cities you can fly cheaply to pretty much any other European city.


Whilst there are currently no direct flights from Australia to Colombia you can fly from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane to Colombia via Madrid, Santiago or Auckland. Flights are available, with one or two stops depending on departure cities, from Latam and Etihad.

Colombia is already easily accessible with many flights and airline companies offering direct or one stop flights to the country, but with more tourists visiting Colombia and more flights becoming available, there is an increased likelihood of more direct flights between Colombia and more major cities being introduced in the future (2016 has already seen a major direct flight from London added to the schedule).

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Anny Wooldridge

Anny Wooldridge

Anny is from a small village in the east of England. Since graduating university and realising she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life, she started travelling and working abroad. Travelling was always a passion of hers and she managed to turn it into a career. She has worked as a water ski instructor in Greece and America, a nanny in a snow ski resort in France and she is now embarking on a new adventure to teach English in Bogota, Colombia. 

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