Famous Festivals in Colombia Uncover Colombia

Famous Festivals in Colombia

May 28, 2020, 5:24 pm

There is always cool festivals in Colombia. There are festivals to celebrate heritage, there are festivals that celebrate music genres, and even festivals that celebrate flowers. Today we'd like to tell you about three of the most popular and well-known Colombian festivals. If you are planning to visit Colombia you could plan your trip to include one of these festivals in your tour.

1. Carnaval de Barranquilla

Like the Carnaval celebration in Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Carnaval celebration in Barranquilla occurs in the days leading up to Lent. The Carnaval of Barranquilla is the second largest carnival celebration in the world, and is considered by most to be the most famous and most important festival in Colombia.

While the Carnaval season begins long before the actual celebration, there are only four "real" days in which Carnaval is officially celebrated—the Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday. Each day has a special parade that maintains the same name and emphasis every year, but always offers a new surprise. The parades really are a true demonstration of many historical, cultural, and musical, and heritages of Colombia.

Festivals in Colombia

2. Festival de las Flores

The Feria de las Flores (the Flower Festival) is another incredible festival in Colombia that takes place in Medellín, Antioquía. This festival happens every year during the first two weeks of August and lasts around 10 days.

Perhaps the most famous part of this festival is a parade called "El Defile de los Silleteros." This parade gives silleteros (people who cultivate flowers and create beautiful artwork out of flowers to carry on their backs) a chance to display their amazing work to the public. There is also a flower exhibition that takes place at the Botanical Gardens in Medellín where you will find both outrageously gorgeous as well as crazy strange flowers on display.

In addition to events centered around flowers, there are many other types of events taking place as part of the festival, such as shows featuring typical dances and traditional foods among other things.

Festivals in Colombia

3. Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro

One of the biggest performing festivals in the world, the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro is a unique Colombian festival that occurs every two years in Bogotá. The festival lasts around 20 days and always occurs before and during Semana Santa (Holy Week). Focusing on performing arts presentations, concerts, plays, conferences, street performances, and even interpretative dances are part of this magical festival that converts Bogotá into a theatrical wonderland.

First celebrated in 1988, the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro was originally created to celebrate Bogotá's 450th birthday. Since that first celebration, it has grown to be one of the biggest and most popular festivals celebrated in Bogotá with both Colombians and foreigners arriving to both participate in and watch the varied performances of the festival. August is a great time to visit Colombia’s capital. Founded in 1538, Bogota celebrates its birthday on August 6.

4. Brotherhood Festival in the Amazon of Colombia 

Any time of the year is a good time to visit the Amazon Region, but if you want to see a traditional festival and learn more about their traditions and culture, there are certain times to visit. The Brotherhood Festival (Festival de la Confraternidad) is held in July in Leticia. This festival brings together folklore, cuisine and the ethnic culture of Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

5. Various Festivals in Los Llanos 

Los Llanos area has a variety of festivals, such as: The Corrido Llanero Festival held in Puerto Carreño in February, the Llanera's Song Festival held in Villavicencio in March, the Joropo International Contest held in Villavicencio in June, the World Cole Encounter, held in Villavicencio in October and the Cimarron de Oro Festival held in December.

We hope you decide to come to one of these great Colombian festivals. After enjoying the festival, be sure to take one of our many tours in Colombia so you can continue to learn about Colombian culture and history. 


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