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Rich Colombian Culture Awaits!

Our tour to the Southwest of Colombia will take you to San Agustin Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the colonial city of Popayan and Cali. During the journey across this region of Colombia, you will be also doing activities with two great local communities; Mashiramo near San Agustin and Venado Verde in the Pacific Coast, whom that have been working very have to preserve their surrounding natural ecosystems and creating a sustainable source of income. This will be a great opportunity to get involve with them and learn more about their traditions and daily life.

During your time in San Agustin, you will be able to see the magnificent San Agustin Archaeological Park, a local coffee farm and the natural reserve Los Ariscos. While in Popayan, you will also have the opportunity to visit and talk to members of the Guambiano indigenous community to learn about their culture and traditions. Then, you will be visiting Cali, the world’s salsa capital, take a salsa class and enjoy a marimba workshop to learn about the traditional music of the Pacific Coast.

EXPERIENCE TYPE Culture, History, Archaeology & Local Traditions

Colombia Holiday

Tour Highlights

Colombia Holiday San agustin

San Agustin Archaeological Park

Located in the foothills of the Andes in the central Colombian department of Huila, San Agustin Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America. The park is home to around 500 monuments of which most are related to funerals and burials. There are also impressive religious monuments such as the Fuente de Lavapatas, which is carved into a stream bed.

Colombia Holiday - Tour Popayan


This beautiful city, known as the “white city of Colombia” for its chalk white buildings, is famous for its Holy Week celebrations and for its gastronomy. The Holy Week celebrations are the second-largest in the world (after Seville, Spain) and were declared by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible patrimony of humanity. Popayan was also declared by the UNESCO as the first city of gastronomy because of its variety of food and meaning to the intangible patrimony of Colombian culture.

Colombia Holiday


This picturesque mountain town is known as the centre of the Guambiano region. The Guambainos are considered one of the most traditional indigenous groups in Colombia. They travel to Silvia every Tuesday to sell their produce, textiles and other products, providing a very traditional market experience.

Colombia Holiday - Cali Tour


With its fertile soils and steamy climate, Cali is Colombia’s third-largest city and a destination not to miss. The area is known for growing sugarcane as well as being the salsa capital of the world. This is the perfect city to practice some salsa.

Colombia Holiday

Salsa Class

Put on your dancing shoes in Cali and learn how to dance salsa, one the most popular types of music in Colombia. A salsa teacher will demonstrate steps and techniques so you can take part in this beloved Colombian cultural pastime.

Colombia Holiday


Cartagena de Indias is one of the most fascinating, romantic and beautiful colonial cities in Latin America. Located on the Caribbean coast, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of history, colourful streets and great people, making it a fairy tale city of romance.

Colombia Holiday

La Boquilla Fishing Village

This small fishing village is located about 7 km north of Cartagena. La Boquilla town sits on the northern tip of a narrow peninsula, bordered by the sea on one side and the Ciénaga de Tesca on the other. At La Boquilla, we will canoe through a mangrove forest and learn about the history and culture of this fishing town while mastering local fishing techniques using a net and crab traps.

Detailed Itinerary

AM Fly to Pitalito

PM Visit Estrecho del Magdalena

Day 1

In the morning, we will take a flight to Pitalito, a small town located 35 minutes away from San Agustin, where the famous archaeological park is located.

Upon arrival in Pitalito, we will visit Estrecho del Magdalena (Magdalena Narrows). The Magdalena River, the most important of Colombia, crosses the country along 1,500 kilometres from south to north before emptying into the Caribbean Sea can be seen in this region of Colombia with a width not exceeding 3 meters.

Overnight: San Agustin              
Meal Plan: None


AM Trekking at Natural Reserve Los Ariscos

PM Visit coffee plantation

Day 2

Ariscos Nature Reserve is located in the eastern mountain range, over the biological corridor of the Cueva de los Guacharos Natural Park and Puracé National Natural Park, where a great biodiversity of endemic and threatened bird species is conserved, with a record of 229 bird species: also we can observe the traces of the spectacled bear, primates and hummingbirds. We will have a traditional lunch prepared by the the local farmers and learn their different gastronomic techniques.

This region, apart from being famous for the archaeologic sites, is also cultivates high quality coffee. Therefore, in the afternoon we will visit a coffee farm to learn everything about harvesting and making coffee, from planting the coffee beans to the picking and roasting process. We will learn how to select and pick only the ripe coffee cherries and also how to taste and evaluate the coffee's quality, just like a coffee expert.

Overnight: San Agustin              
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch


San Agustin Archaeological Park

Day 3

After breakfast, we will start our day trip to San Agustin Archaeological Park. At the park, you will visit the Alto de Lavapatas as well as the Fuente de Lavapatas, a complex maze of pools and water channels hewn from bedrock carved with figures of animals and humans. It was used for religious ceremonies and bathing. Furthermore, you will see the Bosque de las Estatuas and the different Mesitas.

In the afternoon, we will take a horseback-riding tour to visit El Tablon and La Chaquira and see other anthropomorphic statues and the spectacular landscape of the Magdalena river.

Overnight: San Agustin              
Meal Plan: Breakfast


AM Transfer to Popayan

PM City Tour

Day 4

Early in the morning, we will start our trip towards Popayan. On our way to Popayan, we will stop at "Valle de los Frailejones”, where you can see the spectacular landscape of a Colombian Paramo surrounded by Frailejones. The frailejon, known as well as Espeletia, is the typical plant found at high altitude in the Paramo ecosystems.

During this journey towards Popayan, you will also have the opportunity to try a delicious agua de panela con queso, one of the most traditional hot beverages in Colombia. Once that we arrive in Popayan, we wil transfer you to the hotel.

In the afternoon we will have our city tour, Popayan is called the “white city” because of its chalk-white building. This beautiful colonial city boasts the country's largest concentration of churches per capita. Church steeples dominate the town's skyline and around every street corner is a different church to see. During Easter, thousands of people crowd the streets to watch or participate in the huge religious processions and ceremonial celebrations that take place throughout the most important week of the Catholic calendar.

Overnight: Popayan              
Meal Plan: Breakfast 


AM Traditional Silvia Market

PM Transfer to Cali

Day 5

Today we will visit Silvia, a picturesque mountain town known as the centre of the Guambiano region. The Guambainos are considered one of the most traditional indigenous groups in Colombia. They don't actually live in the Silvia, but on Tuesdays they come to Silvia to sell their fruit, vegetable and handicrafts. They all come in their traditional dresses. It will definitely be the best day to visit the town. 

After visiting Silvia, we will go to Guambia, where we will have the opportunity to visit a Guambiano indigenous community and talk to their Taita (tribe chief) to learn about their culture and traditions. At the end of this visit, we will go to Cali and spend the night.

Overnight: Cali              
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch 


City tour in Cali, marimba workshop and salsa class

Day 6

Cali is known as the world’s salsa capital, it is also one of the most important industrial and business cities in Colombia. In the morning, we will visit some of the most iconic places of the city including: Iglesia de la Merced, Mirador de San Antonio, Parque and Gato del Rio.

We will have a marimba workshop, this it’s a traditional instrument of folk music of the Colombian Pacific, where we will learn from it´s history, how became a pillar of Afro-Colombian culture, we will learn about the natural materials that were used for the elaboration and we will have a musical experience.

At the end of the tour we will take a one-hour salsa class to enjoy and learn some steps of this fascinating dance. In the afternoon, we will go to the airport for a flight to Medellin

Overnight: Cali              
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch 


Trekking at tropical rainforest of the pacific coast

Day 7

Part of our traditions are based on the use of timber trees and other resources that nature gives us, so we will have a workshop of handicrafts, where you can learn and appreciate our art, valuing different resources provided by the jungle and contributing to our responsibility as a community./p>

We will learn about gastronomic tradition of the pacific coast, where we will share some recipes and ancestral techniques of cooking for the food supplies provided by the jungle, the river and the sea./p> We will make a beautiful trekking through the wonderful Tropical Humid Rainforest where we will travel and enjoy the crystal water, natural pools and small waterfalls, which preserve a wonderful space of diversity in flora and fauna.

At the end of the day we will return to the city of Cali to rest in our hotel.

Overnight: Cali

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch

End of the Tour in Cali. Travel to your next destination

Day 8

The tour ends today. At the time required, we will pick you up at the hotel for a transfer to the airport.

Meal Plan: Breakfast

What’s included

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 7 nights' accommodation (double occupancy)
  • Domestic Flight (Bogota - Pitalito)
  • Private ground transport
  • Meals as defined in the itinerary
  • Local English-speaking tour guides
  • Entry tickets to all tourist attractions mentioned in the itinerary

What’s not included

  • Any other personal expenses and tips
  • Meals not included in the itinerary


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