Best things to do at home: Colombian version - Part 2 Uncover Colombia

Best things to do at home when you're bored: Part 2

September 4, 2020, 4:28 pm

Welcome back for part two of fun lockdown activities to do while you're stuck at home and you wait for your trip to Colombia! 
In part one we covered the best movies to binge-watch that don't include Narcos, making your own music instruments at home, getting you to dance like Shakira and visiting some museums virtually to entertain yourself but also the kids.

So let's pick up from where we left off and dive straight into arts!

And don't worry if you didn't read part 1, please click here

Colombia through art!

Now more than ever, you have access to some of the best museums and art from Colombia without having to travel. There is a lot of culture to be shared and things to learn from a country through its art. Especially when it comes to Colombia.

This can be the perfect cultural activity that you can do from home to have a good time with your kids!

360 tours
These are absolutely incredible, and there isn't much we can say that will do justice to these 360 experiences. If you are lucky enough to have some Virtual Reality glasses, then get ready to be mind-blown, don't worry if you don't because the site is still accessible to all. We've picked The Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art as we love it, but there are loads of places you can visit while you're staying home using this website. 
 360 tour Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art 

Museum of Contemporary Art Bogotá
The museum of contemporary arts of Bogota has put together some great online exhibitions shared by Google Art and Culture. That include art, virtual reality, and fun facts for your knowledge. With a little bonus if you download the app! 
> Online exhibition 

Museo National de Colombia 
This museum has 17 permanent exhibition rooms and over 20,000 pieces that illustrate the rich heritage and history of the country. You can explore all this at your own leisure without feeling the pressure from other people to move faster 
> Visit the museum 

Unwind with a fantastic book!

Curling up on your sofa with a good book after a long day playing hide and seek with your kids, is the best thing you can do for yourself. It's honestly, one of our favourites things to do at home and gives you the opportunity to spend some time with yourself. Once again, we've selected for you our favourite books that cover Colombia's most remarkable writers as well as all the knowledge you'll need to know all about the rich history of this incredible country. 

100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
No book list from Colombia (or any great book list, if you ask us) would be complete if it didn't have Gabriel Garcia Marquez featuring in it. 'Gabo' or 'Gabito' as people call him in Latin America is one of the most famous novelists from the county who received a Nobel Prize for this book. So, if you haven't already read this classic, what are you waiting for? 

The sound of things falling by Juan Gabriel Vasquez 
Another award-winning book to dig into with this story on the effects of the Colombian drug trade on two characters. The back and forth between past and present (the 1990s) will have you captivated, and you won't want to put this one down till you're done. 

Delirium by Laura Restrepo 
Although things have changed dramatically in Colombia in recent years, there is no denying the history of drugs and violence experienced here. Laura Restrepo covers these topics from the 1980s honestly and beautifully. A great book to appreciate the growth of the country and its changes.  

Short walks from Bogota by Tom Feiling 
Why not get an in-depth understanding of the history of Colombia and how it got to where it is today with this inspiring and fascinating historical book on the country. Sometimes harsh and shocking this book untangles the past beyond the stories of Cocaine and Escobar.

Dinner is served! 

Since the start of the quarantine, you've been through all your favourite recipes at least 4 or 5 times now. You're getting tired of eating the same things and if you've got a family … they've probably been dreaming of something a little different. Even worse? The lack of delivery services and restaurants!
We know it's challenging to come up with something new that tastes delicious and doesn't blow out your food budget. So here's something that could help you with that. Bonus: You get to impress all your friends after the lockdown with all the new skills and dishes you can now make. 

Our very own Operations Director, Daniel, shares with us his family recipe of Empanadas. These are quick, easy and require less than 10 ingredients. Cooking shouldn't be a struggle, and with these, you can be sure to impress your family, close your eyes and Colombia will be just one bite away. 
> Make your own Empanadas

Bandejas Paisa
Now, this is a feast inside a plate, and you'll be saying goodbye to your Sunday roast after this. It might be a little time consuming and require some kitchen skills but it is so worth it! You'll be drooling by the time you finish watching the video. 
> Learn how to cook Bandejas Paisa 

Arepas de Maiz 
There are very few things in life that are better than traditional recipes and when it comes to Arepas we only want the best for you. This recipe calls for 4 ingredients, 3 of which are water, salt and butter … what are you waiting for to get cooking? 
> How to make Arepas

Desserts (Special mention for Cocadas) 
No meal would be complete without a dessert, and because we love them so much we've already made a list of our favourite Colombian desserts that you can find here:
But if we had to pick one out then it would be Cocadas. These traditional coconut bites are very popular in Latin America, and it's hard to stop at just one. A sweet treat for you and your family to be passed around while you watch a good movie (if you need help with that; we've also got you covered) 
> How to make Colombian Cocadas

Some "time-to-digest" activities

After all the dancing, eating and fun activities we thought it would be good to end this list with some little facts and virtual tour.

Important facts 
It is always good to brush up on your knowledge before you visit a country. In this article, we go over the story of two people who have significantly impacted Colombia history and who both have statues and street names to remember them.
> Learn about Colombia History 

Virtual visit of Bogota 
Get dreaming of your next holiday with this incredible and captivating 360 tour of Bogota.
> Online tour of Bogota 

Sadly this list has come to an end, but we hope it has been insightful and that it has helped you with some fun things to do during lockdown and allowed you to travel from home. If you have enjoyed this, there is still plenty more of Colombia to discover, and we can't wait to share it all with you.

We hope to welcome you on one of our tours as soon as it is possible to travel safely and in the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch, and we'd be happy to help. 

Also, you can have a look at our COVID-19 page to know all about the situation in Colombia and what we're doing to help. 


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