Uncover Colombia - Testimonials from our customersOur motivation is to show the world how amazing and diverse our country is. We work hard every day to offer our customers the most unforgettable experiences during our tours and make them fall in love with Colombia!
We would like to thank all our customers for travelling with us to Colombia. We also want to share with all of you their experiences during their trip and what they say about us.
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"Colombian holiday built around a wedding"


Hugh M.  Dublin


When we were invited to a Valentine's Day wedding in Cartagena, we decided to use Uncover Colombia to help plan, book and guide a two-week holiday around that wedding. Throughout the planning they showed great flexibility and willingness to assist in all aspects, especially dovetailing their tour offerings with our commitments for the wedding.


As soon as we arrived in Bogota, we knew we had made a good decision. Our UC guide, Daniel, met us at the airport for our first hotel transfer; while outlining the finer detail of how the itinerary would work for the next few days, he made it clear that he was entirely at our disposal throughout the trip, day or night, should we need any additional help.

Trips in and around Bogota had been carefully designed to see as much as possible in a couple of days, while easing us into the altitude and time difference.


We spent a few delightful days in the coffee region, staying on a lovely coffee farm. Once again, the local UC guide, Carlos, gave us his full attention and left us with a great appreciation of the beauty of that region. He just happened to be a real expert on flora and fauna which proved a real bonus in such lovely countryside.


UC arranged our transfer to Tayrona National Park for our last few days in Colombia. The park is a real gem and the Ecohabs are a perfect way of immersing yourself in the unspoilt environment. The park staff are most obliging and efficient (with the notable exception of the administrative staff who seemed stand-offish, disinterested and even downright careless). The beaches are stunningly beautiful and the dreaded mosquitos were much less of a problem than anticipated. Instead, we were treated to wave after graceful wave of pelican squadrons swooping over the hills and along the breakers - pure magic!


We have no hesitation in strongly recommending Uncover Colombia for their competence, efficiency and attentiveness. They are very pleasant people to deal with.


"Amazing Food Tour and Cooking Class"


D. Meyer  Denver, Colorado


My girlfriend and I went on their culinary tour and cooking class a few days ago and it was absolutely the highlight of our time in Bogota. Daniel was an incredible guide; he knew a ton about all the food we were tasting and was happy to answer all our questions about Bogota and Colombia in general. The chef, Guillermo, was wonderful! He was so gracious and welcoming, and the food we made was incredible. We had high expectations for this experience, and they were surpassed. I'd highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Bogota. I'd do it again!


"Perfect Day Trip to Coffee Plantation"


J. Lam  Washington


My wife and I went on a day trip to a coffee plantation about two hours outside of Bogota with Uncover Colombia. The plantation itself was awesome; our guide walked us through the whole process. We even got to pick some coffee cherries from the tree. After seeing all of the steps in making coffee, we had a private taste test with the "coffee sommelier" on staff. We tasted four different coffees (with rejected beans, with premium beans, coffee that was a few months past due, and then coffee about six months past due) as the expert explained the differences. We then had lunch near the plantation and headed back to the city.


Probably the best thing about the tour was our guide, Daniel. We talked about Colombian culture for both two-hour legs of the journey, and my wife and I learned a ton. I would highly recommend Daniel and Uncover Colombia if you're looking for tours around the country.


"Best holiday ever!"


Suraj G. London


We spent just over two weeks travelling across Colombia all organized by Uncover Colombia. Their service from start to finish was impeccable and tailored to suit our needs perfectly. Nidia was our main coordinator in London and in the lead up to our trip was extremely responsive to all of our needs and guided us to planning what can only be described as a near faultless tour of Colombia. Once in Colombia Daniel was our main point of contact and he could not have been more helpful and knowledgeable. Colombia is safe, there was no point in our trip where we felt even slightly scared!


We spent a few nights in Bogota (including one night in Villa De Leva), followed by a few nights in the amazon, then up to Medellin and finally in Cartagena (with one night in Isla Rosario). Each place was so unique, just as we felt the holiday had peaked we were shown a totally different side to Colombia in the next place which was equally as good for different reasons. Personally however I would not recommend going to Cartagena, after having been to the other parts of Colombia where everyone we met was extremely hospitable and welcoming, Cartagena felt like a let down. The town and history are beautiful but having been used to tourists for a lot longer then rest of the country the Colombian hospitality has gone; it is considerably more expensive then anywhere else and the merchants will hound you to the point of being annoying. Throughout our travels the most common phrase was "Con gusto" and it was always sincere, in Cartagena it was seldom said.


Bogota - What an amazing city, the gastro culture is really taking off, the night life is phenomenal and there is plenty to do. We visited a near by Coffee plantation, did a city tour had one night in Villa De Leva and finally a day at the salt Cathedral all highly recommended.


The Amazon (Leticia) - Wow! This was my wife's favourite bit of the holiday. Our base was the town of Leticia form which is very easy to go into Brazil too. We did the amazon river tour and spent one night in an Eco lodge in the middle of the jungle it was basic but perfect and we saw fascinating animals and fauna.


Medellin - My favourite bit of the holiday! Probably the coolest city I have been to in the world, it feels like a celebration all of the time, nightlife is great and people are very friendly. There is not much to do except just take in the City, I could easily have stayed longer. We did day trip to Guatape too which was great.


Cartagena - Maybe I am being unfair, I am sure if we had started here it wouldn't have felt as bad as it did but it pales in comparison to the rest of Colombia, retrospectively I would have gone to Santa Marta, or Cali instead.


Go to Colombia and use Uncover Colombia to help you plan the trip!


"Showcasing Colombia at its finest!"


Arpita C. New York


This is a much deserved review that has been long pending. We visited the Coffee region and Uncover Colombia (the Nidia & Daniel team) helped plan it all. Nidia based out of London was very responsive, always helpful with suggestions and ways to optimize our time and money during our stay in her country. After reaching out to many tours (some of whom never responded), we found Uncover Colombia's quotes competitive & fairly priced..


What was particularly special about Uncover Colombia is that they have a personal touch which makes them stand out. Even though our coffee region trip wasn't to start until a day after our arrival in Colombia, Nidia checked in via email to ensure we had reached safely. Daniel confirmed that he would come pick us up for the airport transfer and they were kind enough to store our luggage in their Bogota office while we were touring the country. Daniel was thoughtfully checking in with us while we were in Armenia and Salento and was again there to receive us at the airport in Bogota and ferry us to the international terminal. He took time out to get our feedback on the tour and was eager to offer one of our requested customizations in future coffee region tours. Their professional yet caring attitude tells me that they go an extra mile to make sure their guests are getting more out of each trip when they could be easily charging more for every extra service rendered.


I would very eagerly recommend them to anyone visiting Colombia for a unique perspective on the country and am hoping to send my parents on an Uncover Colombia adventure soon! Thank you Nidia & Daniel for everything - you guys are doing fantastic work & we hope to visit you again!


"Fantastic Tours and Great Service"


Andy B. Bournemouth, UK


I have just come back from a stay in Colombia with a big group of family and friends. We used Uncover Colombia for several tours around Bogota.


All the tours were amazingly well organised. Our guide, Jorge, was fantastic. very knowledgeable and had a good laugh with all of us. I would really recommend going on one or all of the tours.


I also can't speak highly enough of how accommodating everyone was. From Jorge and dealing with all of us, Nidia in London dealing with all our questions and the booking and Daniel in Colombia taking the time out to come and see us at some point in all the tours. They really took the stress out of our sightseeing! (My wife and I were also getting married in the middle of all the tours so had lots of other things to organise).


If you're thinking of doing any of these tours then these are the guys to use!


"Great friendly guides at the right price"


Marianne T. San Lorenzo, California


"My daughter and I recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia and scheduled 2 tours with Uncover Colombia. Both were a great success. Daniel, driver and part owner speaks very good english and was very accomadating and pleasant. Juan Carlos, the guide, also spoke very good english, plus several other languages and very knowledgeable. On our trip to Guatavita Juan Carlos brought along a walking stick for me (I'm 78, but very active) and we made it to the top. He's full of knowledge and stories of the sites. His understanding of the artist's concept of the stations of the cross in the Salt Cathedral was very helpful. But our favorite tour was the Bogota cooking tour. It starts with a visit to one of Bogota's largest marketplaces where everywhere we looked there were flowers (Colombia is the worlds largest flower exporter), fruits and vegetables of all descriptions, animals, dairy products etc.. We proceded thro the Candalaria where we tasted ChiCha, a corn liquor, and to a restaurant school (on the way pointing out sites we should see another day and restaurants to try). Had a quick lesson on frying plantains, squashed and refried with guava paste and cheese) and a very good lunch in the schools restaurant where many busnessmen and women were eating. Juan Carlos went out of his way to take me by the home of an old college friend I was trying to locate (locating someone in Colombia is NOT easy) and I was able to make contact and set up a get together. These extras make an outstanding tour company!"


"Great service"


Shira Eller. Washington, DC


"We had a great tour of the Coffee Region with a very knowledgeable guide and able driver. The tour organizers Nidia and Daniel were great-- they offered us tips on other aspects of our trip that weren't included in our tour and offered their help with anything we needed while in Colombia on other legs of our journey. Highly recommended"


"Wonderful Tour of the Market and Cooking Class"


Jenna Friedman. Chicago


"I highly recommend Uncover Colombia for a great day in Bogota! I did the cooking tour which included a trip to the local "farmers" market in which we tried many indigenous fruits and other local dishes and juices before buying all the food to cook a traditional meal. We then proceed to a local cooking school to make a delightful lunch. They were great about accommodating my need for gluten free. Daniel was a wonderful tour guide for the day. Don't miss out out on this really great experience! For those Anthony Bourdain fans, this is the same market he visited on Parts Unknown"



"Can't recommend this trip enough!"


Jody Pritt. Columbia, South Carolina


"I just completed the Heart of Bogota tour today. It started off with both Daniel (Operations Manager) and Tour Guide, Juan Carlos picking me up my hotel right on time (in fact I was a little late). We spent all day exploring Bogota at our own pace. Juan Carlos was so informative and so laid back and friendly. He let me choose some other places I might want to see or food I might want to try. I don't normally like to take tour guides but I would recommend Uncover Colombia to anyone. They were great from the first email request for information. Do it!"



"Great day with Marina"


Elston Hill. Los Angeles


"Our guide Marina arrived five minutes early along with Daniel Rodriguez to take us on our 8 a.m. tour to the Salt Mines and Cathedral. Marina was full of information about everything we were to see that day. The early start was good as we were just ahead of the crowds at the Salt Mines. The square at Zipaquira was so picturesque and the old cathedral was something to see. The Salt Mines were quite unusual. They were started centuries before the spaniards arrived and were mined until recently when they became this religious tribute. The walk-through Stations of the Cross in the mine are a representation of Jesus' last steps and culminate in a three-part cavernous subterranean cathedral.


Next we went to Lake Guatavita, the origin of El Dorado. It was an interesting walk with a lot of history which Marina told us very well. Then lunch at a little town restaurant. It was so authentic. No tourists in the restaurant which was almost full with Columbian families. My wife and I ordered a Columbian meal that consisted of five meats with fried egg on top! I liked the fact that our guide ate with us.


Nine hours later, we arrived back at the hotel with some other interesting stops in small towns along the way. It was a very good tour with a very good guide"


"Coffee Plantation Tour at Hacienda Coloma"


Nicholas Maluccio. Healy, AK


"I chose this all day tour based on internet information, in preference to those promoted by my hotel. Wow, I (and my two companions) am so glad! Daniel was our tour guide and we could not have had a more knowledgeable and patient guide. This was our first trip to Colombia and we peppered him with all kinds of questions irrelevant to the coffee plantation tour. He grew up in the area so it was like having a local friend lead the tour. The coffee plantation was gorgeous with part of the tour taking us past beautiful orchids and other flowers. We were shown coffee growing from handling the seed berries all the way to tasting freshly ground and brewed coffee. Another advantage of this tour was that the coffee plantation was about an hour southwest of Bogota in a safe part of the country, and most coffee plantations are much more distant. So we were able to do this while in Bogota, and also see some of the countryside. The lunch included with the tour at a local restaurant was great, with several choices available. One of my companions forgot a personal item at the restaurant and Daniel was flexible and patient about returning and retrieving it"


"Tour of Zipaquira and Guatavita"


Anne G.  New York


"My husband and I were in Bogota recently and wanted to experience the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira. We speak very little Spanish and were concerned about navigating the Colombian bus system. Uncover Colombia's tour of Zipaquira and Guatavita was perfect for what we wanted. Our early start got us to Guatavita early so we had the trail to ourselves. Our guide was incredibly knowledgable and spoke English incredibly well. Our lunch was delicious and gave us a chance to really spend time with Colombians. Our tour through the Salt Cathedral was great. Our guide had previous worked at the cathedral so he was able to navigate us through efficiently and explained to us details about the cathedral, as well as Colombian mining history. We learned a lot of information that we would not have had with a guidebook.

Definitely recommend!"


"Wonderful tours! Highly Recommend"


Angela Schiller. Wisconsin


"I had a wonderful time working with Uncover Colombia from the very start. Nidia was very responsive. My reservation was confirmed in less than 24 hrs.


I booked two tours: a city tour of Bogota and a day trip to the salt cathedral and Guatavita. Jorge was my tour guide for both. He was a wonderful guide. Lunch was included and he made great recommendations. The food was delicious! Jorge was very knowledgeable about the salt cathedral because he worked there as a guide prior to his current job. Guatavita was wonderful to visit since it was in the country. The scenery was beautiful! It was nice to get a different view of Colombia in addition to the city scene of Bogota. I enjoyed the walk/hike to see the lake.


I was a solo traveler and booked with this company based on the Trip Advisor comments from other solo travelers. I'm very glad that I did!"


"Superior, Just Amazing!!"


Mark Samuels. New York


"I visited Colombia in May'13. It was an eye opening experience, indeed. We know that Colombia is not getting a good share of publicity due its past issues. I was really worried about my safety after reading all these warnings online (State Department notice did not help either). Turned out completely opposite. The hospitality of people, the food, the sites, even the weather - everything was awesome. Now, the success of this trip would not be possible without Uncover Colombia. I've hired the private tour in Bogota for a full day (Juan Carlos and Daniel were my guides). Both were really excellent. Pick up from the hotel was on time early morning. The transportation was top notch, secure. Most importantly, the attitude of both Daniel and Juan Carlos was 5 starts. The made my uneasy soul feel home. Their knowledge of their country is amazing. It was like handing out with your local friends. Very personalized and tailored. They designed an itinerary for me over email in advance. But we went beyond the agreed itinerary as they took me to places that I would never ever know about. We went to local restaurants, food was delicious (included in the cost of the tour!). They drove me to Park 93, we had some drinks in a very nice bar, then they drove me to airport. I have to say, I had a 5 star service. I've done ton of research on companies in Bogota. And I think I found one for my next visit to Bogota. Thank you guys - good job!"


"Unforgettable Guatavita/Zipaguira tour"


Elizaveta M.  Moscow


"The tour was amazing, more than I expected it to be, my special thanks to Daniel, our coordinator and the tour guide. Apart from visiting the above mentioned sights, I was also able to see the country behind its tourist spots, see the villages, countryside, people, have a tasty colombian lunch and enjoyed every minute of my trip in a company of good people. My recommendation for Colombia visitors is to choose this company. Daniel and Nydia - keep up the good work!!!"


"Amazing tour company!"


Jessica Boyd. Arkansas


"I discovered this tour company when they began to follow my blog about my experiences in Bogotá, Colombia. I wanted to tour the Coffee Triangle, but did not have time since I am working full time. The day trip to Fusagasuga's coffee plantation (Hacienda Coloma) was a great way to see a Colombian coffee plantation without spending 3 days in the Coffee Triangle. They also do not charge extra for solo travelers, which is great since most tour companies require a minimum number of people before you can go on a tour.

It was really interesting to learn about the old and new coffee-making processes too! Daniel was an excellent guide and we had a great day. I 100% recommend Uncover Colombia if you are wanting to use a tour company to see this country. They are prompt, courteous, and flexible. They have great tours at an excellent value"


"Salt Cathederal and Lake Guatavita Tours"


Robert Callender. Northern Virginia


"My wife and I want to recommend this tour group to anyone visiting Colombia. We scheduled a trip to the Salt Cathederal and a trip to a Colombian farm. They called the day before we were scheduled to go and apologized about not being able to do the farm tour due to an illness in the farmer's family. They offered to refund our money and also suggested several alternatives. We picked one to Lake Guatavita that extended the trip considerably longer than the original but they didn't hesitate to substitute that with no extra charge. They met us on time, both the driver and guide spoke english, and were very knowledgeable about the countryside and our tour sites. They went out of their way to show us their country, meet the local people, and took us to a great resturant for lunch in a small town where the guide grew up. We arrived back at our hotel tired but very happy after a long day"


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