10 June 2015

Rosie's Journey Through Colombia

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I have felt deeply connected to South America since I was young, with no preconceptions or ideas about the place I always knew I needed to go. After finishing the long haul of the education system, degree tucked away in the back pocket, I made the trip I have been dreaming of since I was a child.

Travelling for 6 months I wanted to dedicate a good chunk of that to Colombia. I stayed a little over two months and the trip has just left me wanting more. I arrived wanting to learn as much as possible, to really soak up the culture of the country. I found myself often being taken in by families and new friends, and was shown how warm and welcoming Colombia is as a country. The open-heartedness of the people is something that as a solo traveller really made my trip special.

Trip to Colombia

Ladriellos, Pacific Coast. Photo by Jorge Arrango.

On my trip I had no real ideas or plan for where I was going. Completely free I travelled according to the momentum of my feet and the flow of my spirit. This was made incredibly easy in Colombia and I didn't once book (or sometimes even look) into accommodation for the places I was going. I always found somewhere lovely to stay without any trouble. Completely stress free travelling... The only warning I would give is if you are coming from another country by plane, MAKE SURE you have outbound travel or you will be made to book something then and there (my mistake).

After travelling all the way down to Mocoa and Pasto, which are about as far South as you can go, I got a cheap $50 flight over to the Caribbean Coast to end my stay on a note of perfection... Each note made the symphony of Colombia one I will never forget.

Trip to Colombia

On returning to Colombia one day in the future, I will head straight to Palomino a little pueblo on the coast about one hour and a half north of Park Tayrona. Drawing me back there is the diversity of culture and nature. With three of the countries remaining pre-Colombian indigenous communities there is definitely a wealth of knowledge to be had here. It is a place where the inter-connected eco system is clearly visible, with the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains linking fresh water rivers to the white sandy shores, and all this lined by luscious thick jungle. The whole place is alive, breathing and waiting to be explored!

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We would like to wholeheartedly thank Rosie for taking the time to wirte about her experience in Colombia with us. For those of you who are planning to travel to South America and have a different experience, we are certain that you will find Rosie's adventure extremely interesting and hopefully enticing enough to make you consider Colombia as your next destination. To see more of Rosie's adventures we invite you to check her blog: http://rosiekh.weebly.com/colombia.

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