24 November 2015

How to Rent a Car in Colombia

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Some tourist love renting cars to enjoy the cities of Colombia in a more personal way. If you are thinking about car rental when you plan your vacation to Colombia we have some suggestions that will make the process much easier.


Renting Car Colombia

There are several car renting companies in Colombia. Some name brands like Hertz and Avis and some local ones like Comfort Car Rental or Milano Rent a Car. The cars are running about $90.000 COL pesos a day for a compact like a Chevrolet Spark with the exchange rate at 3 to 1 right now that would be about $35 dollars. You can also find sites like Colombia Cars Rental who will search for a car for you in the city you desire and will get discounts. Their page advertises prices as low as $13 dollars of course based on the day and applicable promotions. Other very liable option is to book the car rental with the travel agency you are booking hotel and air fare (kayak, priceline, expedia, etc.) because they have big discounts and do all the work for you by offering you an all in one deal that will benefit your pocket.

There is some difference in renting from a known company and from a not so known one. The first one is safety. Especially if it is your first time in the country. The second one would be convenience. The big companies are inside the airports or close enough. In the other hand local companies will deliver the car to the airport or other locations previous reservation. The third difference would be reliability. In case that a problem might occur, you know because of Murphy’s Law or things that usually happen during vacation, then you can file a complaint and have the company reimburse you or change your car. The local companies have the same vehicles and services as the big names and are good if you are looking for a good deal and are travelling without too much pressure.

Hertz cars are running about $190.000 COL pesos around 70 dollars and they offer insurance, GPS and other commodities like baby car seat, additional driver or personal driver, etc. They are a little pricier because their compact car is a Renault Logan which offers more space than the Chevrolet Spark.

The car rental can be done at the airport where you will find brands like Avis, Hertz, Budget, Flash rent a car and Prime car. The advantage is that you will leave the airport with a car in your hands. There are other options like we said before where the company will take the car to you whether you are in a hotel, house or office.

The requisites are the same for almost all car rental places big or small. You need to be 23 years of age or older, have a driver’s license from your country, a credit card with $1000 dollars limit or a cash deposit depending on the type of car you choose and your passport. Go ahead and enjoy your driving.

The Uncover Colombia Team