15 June 2016

Interesting Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia

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Bogotá, Colombia is not one of those cities where you wander around the street for a bit then return to your hotel to watch reruns of “Friends” while stuffing your face with room-temperature French fries.

There are so many interesting activities to do in Bogotá that your itinerary will be full whether you are visiting this capital city for three days or three weeks. Here are some fun things to do on your visit to Bogotá:

Coffee Tour

Oh, delicious warm coffee. You drink it every day, but do you know how it is actually produced? Not all coffee is made equally and that is something you will quickly learn if you take this coffee tour. The tour starts with getting picked up from your hotel, then whisked (okay, more like driven) to a coffee farm in a small city outside of Bogotá. There you will learn the various steps to making the perfect cup of Joe. And of course there are free coffee samples, and liquor!

Things to do in Bogota, Colombia


There are various methods of getting to the top of Monserrate, the mountain in Bogotá that stands 3,152 meters (or 10,341 feet) high. You can take a cable car, a train or hike. (Although, if you decide to hike, make sure you are acclimated to Bogotá’s high altitude before you start to climb.) Whichever method you take to the top, you won’t be disappointed. The view of Bogotá from Monserrate is absolutely amazing. There is also a lovely church and restaurants that serve traditional Colombian food at the top.

Things to do in Bogota, Colombia

Traditional Market and Cooking Class

What better way to impress your friends than being able to whip up a delicious Colombian meal when you return home? Any good chef knows a scrumptious dish starts with the freshest ingredients, and those fresh ingredients can be found at Plaza de Paloquemao, a traditional market in Bogotá. Paloquemao has everything from produce, to cheese and meat. It’s also one of the few places to buy fresh fish, a scarcity since Bogotá is located away from the ocean. After visiting Paloquemao, you will use the fresh ingredients to prepare a traditional Colombian dish during a cooking class. Then it’s all about relaxation when you sip on coffee in a local café and try some yummy desserts.

Things to do in Bogota, Colombia


Colombia is a wonderful destination for bird enthusiasts and Bogotá has the perfect place to go for birdwatching. La Florida, located in the Western part of the city, is a park home to dozens of bird species. In fact, a group spotted 23 different species after spending just a few hours in the wetlands. The scenery is beautiful and since La Florida is located in Bogotá, it won’t take the whole day just to travel from your accommodations to the park. You also don’t have to worry about taking up valuable suitcase space by packing binoculars because those will be provided on the tour, which is led by bird experts.

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Things to do in Bogota, Colombia

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