03 June 2013

Explore Colombia with Uncover Colombia: Check our new tours

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We are really excited here at Uncover Colombia

After many months of dedicated work by our teams in Colombia and the UK we have finally achieved one of the most important milestones in our plan: Our tours around Colombia are now available to the public and we are now taking bookings for allocated tour dates from July 2013.

Our team carried out extensive work on the ground, scouting and exploring the best destinations in Colombia, looking for the restaurants, hotels, guest houses, museums, tour guides, transportation and other partners, able to offer the standard of quality and service required to satisfy our travellers, combined with the authenticity and the opportunities for visitors to get closer to Colombia’s culture, traditions and to experience the kindness of its people.

In parallel to the above, the guys in the UK were busy optimising the website to make it easy to access and use, and also, completing the necessary requirements for Uncover Colombia to receive it ATOL Protected stamp.

All this hard work is now completed and the result is now available in the form of two new tours now available in our website. We believe these new tours have a well-balanced mix of leisure, adventure, culture and nature for people who want to visit Colombia for the first time and get a sense of what this wonderful country has to offer.

Both itineraries start and finish in Bogota and both are 10 days long, perfect of a two-week holiday, leaving plenty of time and flexibility to travel to and from your home location and also giving people a chance to spend a few extra days exploring Colombia on their own. Also, in both tours we have made sure we spend a few days in the beautiful city of Cartagena, one of the most popular destinations in Colombia and a must-visit city for anybody willing to explore Colombia for the first time.

But of course, each trip has its own individual flavour and character hoping to accommodate different tastes and preferences.

The first trip (Colombian Caribbean coast tour) is designed for travellers who want to discover and spend time at the beautiful beaches that can be found up and down the Colombian Caribbean coast. After visiting the vibrant capital city of Bogota, and the historic and romantic Cartagena de Indias, the tour continues north to some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches located at the Tayrona National Natural Park close to the city of Santa Marta. There are plenty of chances to spend quality relaxation time at idyllic beaches but the tour also offers eco-tourism, a bit of history and museums and plenty of opportunities to experience Northern Colombian traditions and the kindness of the locals.



Catedral Primada – Bogota, Colombia – Uncover Colombia tours
Cartagena de Indias – Colombia – Uncover Colombia tours
Tayrona National Natural Park – Uncover Colombia tours
Taironaka, a natural reserve located on the foothill of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The second trip (Colombian Andes and Caribbean coast tour), on the other hand, has been designed for those who wish to experience the contrasts in culture, weather and landscape that Colombia can offer. After a city tour of Bogota, this tour continues in the Colombian coffee region with its astonishing mountains and valleys, its coffee haciendas, little colonial towns and unique natural parks. After exploring the coffee zone, the trip continues to Cartagena, a place where every street, every colonial house and every brick of its centuries-old wall, tell a story of battles with pirates and corsairs, but also a tale of romance and passion by the Caribbean Sea.



Valle de Cocora in the coffee region – Uncover Colombia tours
Salento, a traditional paisa town in the coffee region
Uncover Colombia tours

We have been operating city tours and day trips from Bogota for a while now and we have been humbled by the positive feedback we have received from our customers so far. We try our best to provide everyone with the most positive experience possible, so they leave Colombia with great memories of their trip and wanting to return for more.  The launch of our new tours will extend this experience and will allow us to assist travellers looking for a one-stop shop that can offer a comprehensive package covering their whole visit to Colombia.

We want to hear your feedback. What do you think about our newly released tours?

What would you add or remove?

Finally, if you like what you see and wish to have more information about our tour offering, make sure you give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help.

Happy Travels!


(Head of Uncover Colombia in the UK)