24 June 2012

Even the longest journey starts with a single step

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We are Colombian.

Some of us left our home country some years ago with a desire to explore other lands and learn from other cultures; some of us have returned to Colombia after having lived many adventures and met many interesting individuals, hopefully learning something along the way; others among us stayed at home and decided to have their own journey of discovery in Colombia. After all, Colombia is big enough for a decent adventure.

But while we were following our individual paths of self-discovery, we were also witnessing Colombia’s own journey from being a troubled country crippled by crime and violence to becoming a new land full of hope and with its sights firmly placed on the future.

None of these journeys have been completed and in the same way that our lives continue and our personal trips take us to new and exciting places, Colombia’s own journey is very much in progress. Our country still has a long way to go to achieve its immense potential and everywhere we look, Colombia nowadays can be seen as a work in progress, a country full of optimism and potential where the difficulty of daily challenges is only surpassed by the unique opportunities available for those willing to join Colombia in its path of recovery.

Why Uncover Colombia?

And so the journey continues...


From our perspective, it was impossible to sit on the sidelines while Colombia was changing before our very eyes; we had to be part of it.

After travelling up and down the country and witnessing Colombia’s amazing landscapes and the unique kindness of its people, we were convinced that we had something quite unique to offer to travellers from all over the world. Colombia was truly the proverbial undiscovered gem.

However, there is also a reality check we have to deal with here; for anyone who has glanced the newspapers of watched the news in Europe or the US for the last 5 years, it would be fair to say that it takes a bit of courage (or lunacy) to start an international tour operator under the particular economic climate. The tourism industry is particularly competitive and many players big and small have gone under lately. Furthermore, tourism is not exactly a highly innovative over-hyped internet enterprise or highly sexy clean-tech start-up.

Nevertheless, here we are. All journeys, long and short, start with the first step and we have definitely started our journey to make Uncover Colombia a reality. We have completed a quite detailed business plan, we have recruited a highly capable team of motivated and experienced individuals based in Europe and Colombia, we have secured the necessary funding to kick-start the business and we are well advanced in the process of completing our initial tour offerings.

But the journey continues; our immediate objective is to grow our audience and create awareness about our brand while we continue the preparation for our official launch later this year. A tall order indeed!


Join us and follow our journey

The centre piece in our go-to-market strategy is to offer travellers the chance to go beyond sightseeing, staying in hotels and participate in planned activities. Of course all our tours will have plenty of photo opportunities, but we want to imprint a clear differentiator: We believe the key point of visiting Colombia is to have a chance to mingle and interact with the locals. This, we think, can turn a great holiday into a memorable experience.

For the design of our tours, we need to find that balance between what we think is great about Colombia and what travellers expect from a tour around Colombia, and this is why your help, mr./ mrs. reader, is so valuable to us.

Uncover Colombia - All the big things start small
Uncover Colombia - All the big things start small

This is your chance to help us shape Uncover Colombia into the tour operator you would like to deal with when planning your holiday. Tell us what you think, share your feedback with us and be the first to know about the latest developments and follow our journey. After all, it is not often that one has the chance of being part of something big from the very beginning.


How to get involved?

The first point of call is our Facebook page; make sure you click on the big "Like" button under the main banner. We use our Facebook page to interact with our friends, ask questions and gather opinions. It is also a place where people who are connected with Colombia in one way or another can interact with like-minded individuals.

Then, there is obviously this blog. We see it as an open diary where we discuss at length our projects and experiences in Colombia and also let others share their own account of their travels throughout the Country with our audience. it is also a place to read critically and leave opinions and feedback that we will read and address accordingly.

Finally, we are also on Twitter and Pinterest for those of you who are not into long texts and prefer a more visual approach. We constantly update all these communication channels to elicit feedback and monitor your opinions.

Wales or whales? one of the posters used in our communication campaign 
Wales or whales? one of the posters used in our communication campaign

We will continue our journey and we are very excited for what lies ahead for Uncover Colombia. But we also believe this journey will be more worthwhile and enjoyable if we share it with all the people out there who want to join us. We do hope you become part of this project and, like most Colombians up and down the country, we will do our best to take you in and make you feel part of the family. This, after all, is the Colombian way.

The Uncover Colombia team

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