24 September 2015

Domicilios: Deliveries in Colombia

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“Domicilios” is a Spanish word that means "delivery" and when you think about deliveries, pizza is what comes to mind, right? Well, Colombia will blow your mind when it comes to deliveries.

Visiting Colombia

Anything you can think of can be delivered and I mean anything. For example let's say you ran out of milk for breakfast in the morning and you don't feel like going to the store because you are in your least fashionable pj’s or you just don’t feel like it. It is simple, just pick up the phone and call the local store who will promptly send a muchacho (young fella) on a bicycle straight to your house with your milk and any other forgotten breakfast item you got cravings for while ordering your milk (pretty common).By the way, local stores are very close and small and are not supermarkets. They are mom and pop style stores so rest assure your “domicilio” will not be forgotten in the immensity of a warehouse.

Are you impressed? Not yet? Next scenario then… let's say you are hosting a small get together or a big party (because nothing in Colombia is small when talking about partying) at your apartment or your hotel room and your beer friends are thirstier than normal... Again, pick up the phone and call your local liquor store and order your six packs or even a hard liquor bottle! Only if you are eighteen and older of course and boom your party is saved. You can also order small hors d’oeuvre like empanadas (hot pockets), hot dogs, chips, arepas (corn patties), soda, sweets, cigarettes, etc.

Lunch time has all the options starting at all kinds of fast food, typical Colombian lunches called “almuerzos”, desserts, fruit platters, and many more options. Finally if you need any drugstore items or pills for that hangover headache after the party you just saved. Guess what? Domicilios! Now you might be wondering how it would work if you don’t speak Spanish? Do not worry, I found a web page where you can order through the internet and have all the options of food. You can place the order without having to say a word.

I have become very used to “domicilios” because when you are a mother of a 5 month old going to the store becomes a day trip! I am not going to lie I used it too before I was a mom ;) It is a convenient way of getting what you need without leaving the house. It is not more expensive than physically going to the store. The delivery fee is between 1 and 3 dollars. Also, you can learn the words in google of what you need and learn how to say your address and you will get what you need even if you don’t speak the language. It is a very interesting concept that I missed a lot when living in the U.S. I had to get used to buying all my supplies while I was out but now that I am back I will take advantage of it.

And here you go… one more reason to visit Colombia. Convenience.

By Mishele Revelo Watson