02 December 2015

Where to Find Delicious Desserts in Bogota, Colombia

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One way of discovering the culture of a country is to try their cuisine. Now, I think you would agree that the best part of the cuisine is the dessert! No?

Desserts in Bogota, Colombia

If you want something sweet during your vacations, holidays or business trips to Colombia. I have the spot. It is located relatively close to the American Embassy and Parque Simon Bolivar in Bogota. I assure you won’t regret going. You will find all sorts of cheesecakes, sweet cakes, desserts, juices, breads, flans, puddings and anything sweet you can imagine. These are typical Colombian desserts, something probably you have never tasted before. They are magnificent! The address is Carrera 60 and Calle 66. You will find an entire block with places offering the treats. You can chose the one you like the most or simply try a dessert from each store. This is the dessert district. Come Monday through Sunday but remember that weekends are the busiest.

My recommendations? Here we go: first “Merengon de Guanabana” is my favorite. This dessert is made with merengue, whipped cream and your favorite fruit. It is very big so either have a good glass of water or share it. “Tres leches cake” is a close second. This cake is made with three types of milk (normal, evaporated and condensed milk) it is a wet angel cake that tastes like glory. Finally “cuajada con melao” gets my third place. They serve a piece of bland cheese called cuajada; it is a cheese without salt. Then they cover it with caramel made of raw sugar called panela mmmm my mouth is watering… I have to tell you, writing about this is making me want to go right now and get one.

They also have a juice that I always order, it is called a “Cholao.” About a month ago while eating at Andres Carne de Res, a crazy typical Colombian restaurant you have to go to, I decided to venture and order this drink. “With or without ice cream” she said… Mmm let me think “with” of course. If a drink starts with that question then there is no question it will be a good drink. I grabbed the glass and stared at the drink wondering “what is in this glass.” it was a combination of colors and textures that appeared so random and intriguing that I had no choice but to rush into it. It is served with a spoon and a straw. I tried it (sipped it and spooned it)… The outcome… AWESOMENESS!!! I felt in love. Not only the drink had ice cream but also fruits, shaved ice, sweet condensed milk, and milo (powdered chocolate).

No matter what you choose I am sure you will be de…(wait for it)… lighted! Delighted! Go ahead and taste the rainbow of choices: one treat for each day of the week. Remember to share your top three favorite desserts from Bogota the sweet capital of Colombia.

Enjoy it!

By Mishele Revelo-Walston

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Traveling, dancing, making friends and enjoying life is Mishele's motto. She was born in Ecuador but her parents are Colombian. Mishele love meeting new cultures and trying to understand how we are all alike and at the same time so different. She speaks Spanish, English and French but would like to speak more languages and visit more countries. Mishele is married and have a beautiful daughter and is currently dedicated to her daughter, real state and writing blogs.