09 April 2014

Colombia in One Week

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In previous posts, we have talked about various itineraries for different cities and regions for different amounts of time. Today, we want to give you our recommendations and suggestions for where you should go and what you should see if you only have one week to explore Colombia.

Chances are the cheapest and most direct flights will land you in the capital city of Bogotá D.C., so we'll start there. While it does not have an altitude as high as other cities in Latin America such as Cuzco, La Paz, and Quito, Bogotá is still within the top 25 highest cities in Latin America, so be prepared to feel at least some affect from the altitude. Also be prepared to spend at least 3 days exploring the capital city. Bogotá is full of some of Colombia's most fascinating and impressive museums including the Museo de Oro (the Gold Museum), the Museo Nacional (National Museum), and the Casa de la Moneda (House of Currency). Bogotá is also home to famous sites such as the peak of Monserrate, the Casa de Nariño (House of the Presidency), and the Catedral Primada (National Cathedral), which are all worth a visit. Additionally, Bogotá is teeming with some of the best Colombian cuisine (gourmet and low-cost traditional dishes) as well as some of the trendiest bars in the country. You'll want to make sure you check out famous and traditional restaurants such as Andrés Carnes de Res and La Florida as well as the nightlife in the Zona T for a unique collection of bars in a pedestrianized zone.

Uncover Colombia - Museo Botero Bogota

Museo Botero - Bogota

After Bogotá, you'll want to travel to the second largest city in Colombia—Medellín. Long having overcome its reputation for being the home of Pablo Escobar, Medellín is known more for being the city of "eternal spring," full of flowers, always green, and almost always boasting wonderful weather. Medellín is worth at least a day, if not two. In Medellín, you'll want to check out places like the Museo de Antioquia (Museum of Antioquia) where you can see an extensive collection of Botero paintings as well as a nice collection of Colombian modern art pieces, as well as el Museo del Castillo (the Castle Museum), a house in the form of castle constructed by a wealthy Medellín family with an interestingly sad story. If you stay two days, spend your second day traveling to Guatapé, a close-by town painted with vibrant colors, delicious traditional food, and an extraordinary hike up a giant rock with a mysterious history.

Uncover Colombia - Medellin

Plaza de Botero in Medellin

Uncover Colombia: Guatape - The rock

Guatape - The rock

From Medellín, catch a flight to the Caribbean city of Cartagena where you'll want to spend at least two days. Like Bogotá, Cartagena is full of history, unique museums, and a host of quality restaurants offering traditional coastal dishes. You cannot leave Colombia without exploring the Walled City, the historic city centre, of Cartagena. Here, you'll find charming streets full of unique boutique shops, museums, and cultural expositions. You'll also want to catch a boat to spend at least one day relaxing on nearby Islas del Rosario (Rosary Islands) or Playa Blanca (White Beach) to get well acquainted with the natural beauty that the Colombian Caribbean coast runs rampid with. From Cartagena, you can wrap up your time in Colombia and catch a flight back to your original jumping point, as Cartagena has an airport with several international destinations.

Uncover Colombia - Cartagena

Cartagena Walls

While with a week you will only see a small sample of what Colombia has to offer, you will be able to see some of the most iconic sites and get up close and personal with some of the most well known Colombian cities.

Happy travels,

The Uncover Colombia Team