01 August 2016

Ultimate Guide to Colombia’s Best Beaches

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Colombia is the only country in South America with both a Pacific coastline and a Caribbean one, this provides Colombia with some of the world's best beaches.

Here is a guide to a few of the best beaches in Colombia, so you'll know where to go on your next holiday or vacation:

Colombia beaches Palomino

Palomino is a mainly indigenous village located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain around 2 hours drive from Santa Marta. Palomino's beach runs for 5 km with a river running from the mountains to the ocean at each end. A popular tourist attraction is to hike up into the mountains and relax in a tube back down to the beach. Palomino's small village is home to a number of restaurants, shops and hostels.

Islas del Rosario

Islas del Rosario are a collection of 27 islands located 35km southwest of Cartagena, the islands are a protected National Park and many of them are uninhabited. Each island has beautiful beaches with white sand and great coral reefs. Day trips are available to the islands from Cartagena and each island is different and unique. A few islands have Eco hotels on them which you can stay in for the night.

Colombia beaches

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a beach on an island called Barú located 22km off Cartagena with 2.2 miles of shoreline which can only be accessed by boat. The calm waters provide a perfect conditions for snorkelling and swimming and the beach has a number of unique restaurants, bars and hostels.

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park covers an area of 150 square metres and is home to over 56 endangered animals and a number of beautiful beaches backed by mountains and beautiful palms. After a two hour hike through the forest you come to beaches which are beautiful, secluded and picturesque. Tayrona also provides amazing swimming and snorkelling and you can explore indigenous ruins, go hiking and do boulder climbing.

Colombia beaches

San Andrés and Providencia Islands

San Andrés and Providencia are islands in the Caribbean sea, both islands are National Reserves and are home to beautiful beaches, lagoons, coves,tropical dry rainforest and coral reefs. San Andrés is the bigger and more built up of the two islands whereas Providencia is not as developed. 1.5km off the island of San Andrés is a small coral inlet called Johnny Cay which is picturesque with its white sandy beaches and coconut plantations. On Providencia a population of Black Land Crabs live in the hills and once a year (April/May) they venture down to the seas in packs of thousands creating quite a spectacle.

Colombia beaches

Capurgana and Sapzurro

Capurgana and Sapzurro are two small fishing villages located on the Caribbean coast close to the Panama boarder. These villages are mostly undiscovered by tourists and can be accessed by boat or small plane from Medellin. The beaches are backed by jungle covered mountains and are mainly uncommercialised and don't even allow motor vehicles.

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Colombia beaches

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