03 July 2014

Colombia: A Country Full of Surprises

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A long under-appreciated and under-explored country within the tourism circuit, Colombia really is full of continuous surprises for everyone. In recent years, Colombia's historically tarnished public image has been transformed into a very positive one with the country gaining a lot of fame and credit for being a country worthy of exploration in South America.

Colombia's underdog team making history at the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil has only pushed this amazing and surprising country further into the limelight, both in terms of sports as well as positive global recognition.

Colombia's performance so far in the 2014 World Cup has been incredible-not only have Colombians been knocked off their feet by the amazing success of the team, but it's being said that the Colombian team has danced their way into the hearts of thousands of soccer fans around the world with their wins and sportsmanship. In Colombia, the "fiebre amarilla" (yellow fever), referring to the colour of the team's jerseys, has overtaken every corner of the country. All Colombians, even the president, have been infected. Restaurants, businesses, schools, buses, taxis, street vendors, adults, children, everyone has come together in a beautiful and proud way to support the Colombian team. This Friday, July 4th, has even been declared a civic holiday by Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, so that all Colombians will have the chance to (hypothetically) cheer their team on as they set out to make Colombian and World Cup history in their match against Brazil. Even so, Colombia's unbelievable demonstration of its soccer ability in the 2014 World Cup is only one of the surprising things this South American country has to offer.

If you dare to travel to this enticing and captivating country, you will find many more surprises awaiting you such as some of the most beautiful and unique sunsets in the world. If you are in Bogotá, you can catch the sun in all its glory as it rises/falls behind the mountains that encircle the city from the historical and religious lookout of Monserrate; if in Medellín, you can see the sun rise/fall within the Aburrá Valley atop Cerro Nutibara, a unique ecological site in the middle of the city; if in Cartagena, you can watch the sun rise/set from atop the walls of the "Walled City," a UNESCO World Heritage site; if in Cabo de la Vela, you can watch the sun rise/set from what appears to be the end of the South American continent at el Faro; if in Tutendo, you can watch the sun rise/fall in one of the wettest cities in the world; and, if in Leiticia, you can watch the sun rise/set from across the largest and widest river in the world, the Amazon River. From whichever of these unique spots you see the sun rise or set in Colombia, you will see it shine a proud yellow, because it, too, has "yellow fever"!

Sunset in Santa Marta



Cabo de la Vela La Guajira, Colombia


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Sunset in the Amazon

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