29 September 2017

Where to Enjoy Bogota, Colombia's Flea Markets

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What is your favourite activity or type of place when you are exploring a city for the first time?

Travellers have different ideas and expectations when visiting a foreign location. Some people judge a city by the quality of their bars, pubs and restaurants; others focus on historic places or architectural landmarks; others prefer museums, churches or other places representative of the culture; some might judge the city by the quality of its night life.

Flea markets in Colombia

And then, there are those travellers who believe that you haven't really seen a city until you visit a local flea market. Walking around a street market means getting a snapshot of a country's history, its past and present values, even its vices and dark secrets! It is a window into the intimacy of the collective mind of a city's inhabitants. For those among our readers that belong to this category of traveller, we have prepared a few tips about where to go for a good street market deep dive while in Bogota.

In Bogota you can find many handicraft markets offering an extensive collection of original and unusual objects. These eclectic spaces where entrepreneurs, artisans and vendors exhibit their products, are great places to spend the weekend.

If you are not exactly an antiques enthusiast or a handicraft fanatic, you might  still be able to have a good time in the flea markets. There is always something for everyone. For example your walk among the stalls could coincide with some street artist performance (music, acrobatics, etc) or if you are a bit peckish there is no shortage of typical snacks on offer (empanadas, pudding rice, exotic fruit juices, “herpos”, “obleas”, corn on the cob and great variety of candy).


All kind of antiquities: trunks, gramophones, ceramic figurines, clocks, old typewriters and a wide range of memorabilia. In addition, if you go to the right places, you can also find some vintage clothes and shoes, vinyl records and old music tapes, accessories, jewellery and much more.

These are our two favourite flea markets in Bogota:


Located in Usaquen, a small town that was subsequently engulfed by the growing city of Bogota, San Pelayo is a flea up-scale market, where many high quality handicrafts can be found for a reasonable price. You can also find a great variety of food options and prestigious restaurants in the area.

ADDRESS: Carrera 7 119b-33

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Located in downtown Bogota and at walking distance from the International Centre, the space is a big parking lot, full of tents and friendly vendors offering antiquities, handicrafts and curious objects.

ADDRESS: Carrera 7 Nº 24 70

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Sundays and Holidays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


These places can get really crowded, so the best way to get there is by bicycle, walking, taxi or public transportation.