01 July 2012

Bogota: quick guide to eat, drink and party (II)

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In a previous article we promised to publish the second part of our favourite places to dine, have a drink and party in Bogota. In this second part we cover three more districts, each one with their own particular flavour and atmosphere

Galerias Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

Galerias Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

In case you have not read part 1, we remind you of the basics: The list below is not by any means comprehensive and we don’t claim to be an authority in restaurant reviewing, nor we have any affiliation with the places featured. We do, however, like to go out from time to time in Bogota and these are the places we like to visit. We hope you find the content useful.


93 Park (‘Parque de la 93’): The place to ‘see and be seen’

Location: between calle 93 and calle 94 and between carrera 11 and carrera 14

parque 93 bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia
Parque 93 Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

This is an excellent gastronomic place. As its name suggests, this is a park around which, a variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs can be found. You can also enjoy the tranquillity of the park and go for a walk, or keep yourself fit during the day.

You can find a detailed guide to the places in this sector here (in Spanish). Some places we like are included below.


  • La Bonga del Sinu: Specialised in meats (Carrera 14 # 93-88)
  • Pesquera Jaramillo: a high-end sea food establishment,  this place is a gastronomic classic destination in Bogota. (Calle 93 # 11 - 31)
  • Sipote Burrito: Specialty in Mexican burritos (Cra 11  # 93 - 93)
  • Osaki: Oriental Food (Cra 11 # 93 ª - 46)
  • Gato Negro: International food with musical show on weekends (Calle 93  # 11 - 47)
  • Crepes & Waffles: A very good fast food concept specialising in Crepes and ice cream (Calle 93B # 12 - 10)
  • TGI Friday's: good old TGI Friday's keeps its normal standard as found around the world (Calle 93A # 11 - 27)


  • El Sitio: A very good place to eat and enjoy the party with an excellent live band (Cra.11 ª # 93B - 11)
  • El Salto del Angel: One of the best international restaurants and very good party on the corner of the park. (Cra 13 # 93 rd - 45)
  • La Puerta Grande: Spanish restaurant with a very good party atmosphere (Cra 12 # 93-64)


  • Kukaramakara: One of the best party places in the sector to enjoy a great live band (Cra 15 # 93-57)
  • La Casa de la Cerveza: If you love beer, this is a good place to enjoy it while dancing to the bit of the latest local hits. (Calle 94 # 13a - 11)
  • Galeria Café y Libro: Traditional place to dance salsa. (Carrera 11A # 93-42)


Usaquen: A colonial village engulfed by the city

Location: between calle 116 and calle 120 and between carrera 5 and carrera 7.

Usaquen Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia
Usaquen Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

This area is located in northern Bogotá. Until the mid 50s it was a town located outside of the city, nowadays Usaquen has become part of the capital and a traditional sector to go out and enjoy a nice dinner while still keeping its rural flavour.


  • Casa Vieja: Typical Colombian food (Carrera 6 # 117 - 35)
  • 80 Sillas: Sea Food (Calle 118 # 6 - 05)
  • Amarti: One of the best Italian food restaurants (Calle 119 # 6-24)
  • Mister Ribs: North American food restaurant, best pork ribs in the city (Calle 119 # 6-06)
  • 14 Inkas: Specialising in Peruvian cuisine (Calle 119B # 5 - 43)
  • Wingz: If you want to enjoy good chicken wings and learn about the cartoon heroes that kids in the 80s grew up watching in Colombia please go to this place (Carrera 6 # 117 - 32)
  • La Hamburgueseria: A good place to enjoy a good gourmet burger (carrera 6 # 118 - 40)
  • La Tienda del Cafe: A cosy place where you can enjoy a few cocktails accompanied by a good meal (Calle 119 # 6-16)


District 27 aka 'Galerias': Mingle with the locals

Location: streets around calle 53 between carrera 24 and carrera 28.

Galerias Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia
Galerias Bogota - Copyright Uncover Colombia

Located in the traditional neighbourhood of Galerias, this area is a mix of commercial and residential spaces with its shopping centre and several clothing stores, restaurants and clubs. It's located very near to the Nemesio Camacho 'El Campin'  football stadium.

Galerias's clubs offer a variety of music genders for a good selection of rumba and reflect a more traditionally Colombian way of having fun. This is one of the more 'down-to-earth' sectors where middle and working class Colombians come to have fun after a hard day at the office.


  • Colombian Pub: A good place to enjoy traditional Colombian beers (Carrera 27 # 52-66)
  • Villanueva: If you want to dance and enjoy the gender of 'vallenato', this is a good place. It regularly features live music.(Carrera 27 # 52 - 66 )
  • Plaza Juarez: Enjoy a Mexican atmosphere, accompanied by a mariachi band. (Carrera 27 # 52-49)
  • Petra: One of the best rumba sites in Galerias. (Carrera 27 # 52 - 24)
  • Toni-k: live concerts and great 'cross-over' music. (Carrera 27 # 52 - 36)
  • Kandelaria: A great place to go with friends and dance to the bit of the best Colombian music (Carrera 27 # 52-29)
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