11 October 2017

5 Reasons Every Traveler Should Visit Colombia

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As Colombia continues to distance itself from its tumultuous past, it’s becoming an increasingly desirable vacation destination. A visit to Colombia means getting to know a country that still flies under the radar of most tourists, so you’ll get an authentic experience. With that in mind, the tourism industry is developed enough to accommodate international visitors. 

Read the following five reasons every traveler should visit Colombia:  

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Diverse Destinations  

Most people are unaware of the vast differences between Colombia’s regions. Some know about the tropical beach vibes that swirl around Cartagena and the rest of the Caribbean coast, but Colombia boasts other breathtaking landscapes. The Coffee Region is home to vibrant green mountains where Colombia’s famous coffee is cultivated. The capital Bogotá and second-largest city Medellín also are tucked between the mighty Andes Mountain Range. To the south, visitors will enjoy exploring the Amazon. Colombia also has beautiful sweeping plains and unique ecosystems.

Exciting Culture

Colombian culture is vibrant and fascinating. It almost seems stereotypical to describe the passion most Colombians have for soccer, how most are eager to grab a partner and show off their salsa dancing or how many Colombian families are tight-knit, but that’s just how it is here. Moreover, Colombians are known for being warm and welcoming. It’s not unusual for Colombians to invite visitors to partake in a homemade dinner, especially in smaller cities.

Visit Colombia

Range of Luxury Levels

Whether you’re a backpacker, seek the crème de la crème or something in between, your needs will be met during a vacation to Colombia. As more tourists are discovering this South American gem, more luxury hotels and boutique lodging spots are popping up around the country. There are also plenty of hostels and modest hotels to accommodate budget travelers.  

Fun Tour Activities

There are so many day-to-day activities visitors will enjoy on a tour around Colombia. Birders will appreciate the more than 1,900 species of birds in Colombia. There’s whitewater rafting, rocking climbing and parasailing near San Gil. Coffee lovers can get an up-close look at the coffee production process on a tour of the Coffee Region. Plus, other tours to destinations like Sesquile, the Amazon and the Lost City let visitors learn about Colombia’s indigenous people with local guides.  

Starting Point in South America  

If you want to explore multiple countries in South America, Colombia is a good place to begin. Its location in the north of South America means it is closer to the Unites States and Europe so visitors can start in Colombia, then work their way south to other countries either by plane or bus. 

Visit Colombia

Plus, Colombia is a good starting point if your Spanish isn’t the best. The Spanish in Colombia is said to be clearer and easier to understand compared to other Hispanic countries, so it is a nice place to tune your ear to the language before setting out to explore other countries. 

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