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Nidia Penagos - Director

Nidia is a former engineer who left her job as a Quality Manger to start Uncover Colombia after feeling a tug to promote her native country through tourism. She was well-aware that Colombia didn’t have the best reputation for tourism and wanted to change that. So in 2012, with the help of her husband and close Colombian friends, she began to lay the foundation to build the Uncover Colombia that exists today.

Nidia spends her work days organizing tours throughout Colombia, helping customers prepare for their trips to Colombia and so much more. She’s always looking towards the future and finding ways to improve existing tours and develop new ones so visitors will leave Colombia with fond memories and an eagerness to return to her home country. Nidia always advises travelers to leave behind the negative stereotypes about Colombia and discover for themselves how amazing the country truly is.

Her favorite place in Colombia is the coffee region. A lover of mountains and nature, she’s always delighted by the mountainous landscape of Colombia’s coffee region. She also enjoys the region’s perfect weather, spectacular views and friendly people.

When she is not working, she loves spending time with her family and friends, as well as playing table games, building doll houses and completing puzzles.

Favorite Uncover Colombia Tour: Colombian Amazon Tour because you can see how spectacular this region of Colombia is in only four days. The area has an incredible mix of wildlife, stunning views of the Amazon river and unique traditions of local communities.


Constanza Olaya – Product Developer

As a lover of nature and culture, Constanza is the perfect person to develop tours for Uncover Colombia. After traveling extensively throughout Colombia, she knows her native country has so many wonders and landmarks to offer visitors eager to experience the real Colombia.

With a Master’s degree in Development Administration and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Tourism Management, Constanza has more than 10 years of experience in tourism. She is a skilled professional in international development, public policy, strategic planning and project development. She has worked extensively on sustainable tourism with the national government of Colombia. She also volunteered for more than 15 years with international NGOs working on social development issues. In addition to working with Uncover Colombia, she’s also the co-coordinator of Travolution Colombia, which focuses on community-based tourism.

Constanza can be found exploring Colombia’s contrasting terrains: from lush jungles and beautiful mountains to tranquil beaches – she has seen it all. One of her all-time favorite places in Colombia is the Pacific region. She adores the local cultures and the biodiversity found in that region because of frequent rain. It’s the Pacific region that reminds her to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and the area’s beauty always takes her breath away.

It’s her love of every part of Colombia that motivates Constanza to develop hands-on and unforgettable Uncover Colombia tours. She wants to show you the best destinations she has encountered during her years of exploring Colombia, so you too can know her unique country with a history of great resilience.

Favorite Uncover Colombia Tour: Southwest Colombia Birding Tour because it shows a splendid example of the biodiversity of Colombia – where you can enjoy the beauty of the Andean Region and the valleys and the Pacific region in just a single trip.

Uncover Colombia Tours

Daniel Rodriguez – Operations Director

Daniel decided to join the Uncover Colombia team as the Operations Director because he wanted to fulfill his dream of revealing all the great cultural activities and landmarks in Colombia and improve his native country’s reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Daniel is often busy organizing all the components of an Uncover Colombia tour, from booking accommodations to arranging transportation. He also teaches tourism on a university level in Bogotá. He has been working in the tourism industry since 2004 when he began collaborating with hotels, parks and tour companies.

His loves witnessing first-hand how visitors have fallen in love with Colombia after a tour. The big smiles on travelers’ faces and their eagerness to tell friends back home about their wonderful experiences in Colombia is what makes his job worthwhile.

His favorite Colombian destination is La Guajira, a magical place because of its simplicity framed between a beautiful desert and the sea. La Guajira is home to the indigenous Wayuu people and Daniel loves how visiting La Guajira means learning about this ancient group whose teachings allow travelers to disconnect from the chaotic world and appreciate the simplicity of the human experience.

Favorite Uncover Colombia Tour: Colombia Highlights Tour because you get to know the different cultures of the various Colombian regions. You will also get to participate in different activities related to cultural and nature tourism. This tour introduces you to the best Colombia has to offer, especially the coffee region.

Uncover Colombia Tours

Anneliese Delgado – Online Marketing Manager

Anneliese never expected to live in Colombia, but a two-week trip inspired her to live in the beautiful, but misunderstood country. As the Online Marketing Manager for Uncover Colombia, she uses multiple digital channels to spread the word about why Colombia should be your next trip destination and all the cool tours Uncover Colombia has to offer.

Born and raised in the United States, Anneliese put down roots in Colombia at the beginning of 2016 and is constantly learning about Colombian culture and history. Before moving to Colombia, she was a radio news anchor in Jacksonville, Florida, but left broadcast journalism to pursue her dream of living abroad and finally becoming fluent in Spanish (which is still a work in progress). She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a focus on Electronic Media.

In her role as Online Marketing Manager, Anneliese develops and executes social media strategy, writes weekly blog posts, coordinates with guest bloggers, tracks website traffic through Google Analytics, runs marketing campaigns and more. Her favorite part of her job is going on Uncover Colombia tours to discover neat aspects of each tour and to figure out which details could be improved so customers can have the best experience possible.

Favorite Uncover Colombia Tour: Food and Cooking Tour in Bogotá because she loves trying new foods and learned how to cook a traditional Colombian meal, which now puts the number of dishes she knows how to cook at one. Between tasting foods at a traditional market, then whipping up something delicious at a cooking school to finishing with dessert, she left that tour stuffed.