The Amazon Region in ColombiaThe Amazon region is not only one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world  but it is also a rich region in terms of ancient wisdom and traditions maintained by its indigenous communities inhabiting the area.

In Colombia, the Amazon region is formed not only by the Amazonas department in the south east of the country but also by other five departments that share the same type of weather and landscape as the Amazon, which are: Vaupés, Caquetá, Guainía, Guaviare and Putumayo. The high diversity of plants and animal species are found in this area of the country contributes to place Colombia as the most biodiverse country in the world per square meter

Its weather:

High humidity and average temperatures of 28°C.

Its people, traditions and culture:

These region is inhabited by many indigenous communities that live in perfect harmony with the nature around them. Some of them prefer to stay in areas of difficult access for us, while others prefer to live in villages where they produce handcrafts and show some of their traditional activities and rituals to the visitors. All of these communities preserve their traditions and languages.



Uncover Colombia - The Amazon Region

Its traditional Food:

Freshwater fishes are the main component of the Amazonian cuisine. There are dozens of exceptionally tasteful species of fish like the pirarucu (the largest world freshwater fish) that are usually served grilled or fried. Fish stewed in yuquitania (local chilli) is also typical. Mandioca arepas (pastries made of a variety of cassava flour) are also a basic food in the region.

Besides fish and mandioca, the other typical food are the local fruits that are unique flavour and names: Arza, caimo, copazu, umari, carambola, cayarana are some good examples.

What to do:

The Amazon region is a destination for ecotourism lovers and explorers. You will also have the opportunity to share moments with indigenous communities and learn about their traditions, as well as enjoy the contact with the nature.


Uncover Colombia - The Amazon Region

Where to go:

You definitely cannot miss a visit to:

  • Amacayacú National Park,
  • The Monkey Island
  • Natural Reserves of the Civil Society,
  • Indigenous villages.
  • Leticia:  It is the capital city of the Amazonas department in Colombia
  • Puerto Nariño: It is a small Amazonian village also called "the cradle of the Amazon", it is inhabited mainly by indigenous communities. This town is a world-class model for sustainable living and proof that man and nature can peacefully coexist.



Uncover Colombia - The Amazon RegionWhen to go:

Any time of the year is good to visit this region, but if you want to participate in one the traditional festivals and learn more about their traditions and culture, these are two good examples:

  • July: The Brotherhood Festival (Festival de la Confraternidad) in Leticia. This festival brings together the folklore, cuisine and the ethnic culture of Colombia, Brazil and Peru.
  • November: The festival of Amazon Folk  Music Pirarucú de Oro in Leticia.